Short and sweet New Zealand trip

I've just got back from the briefest but sweetest of trips to New Zealand. Along with meeting with some lovely new and existing clients to show off our upcoming Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, I also managed to fit in some family catch ups and a spot of wandering through Auckland's beautiful streets. 

I stayed at Bella's Bed & Breakfast and had the some of the nicest organic muesli and fruit for breakfast that I've had in my life. Check them out -- they are a TripAdvisor 2013 Winner and you can instantly tell why. Will definitely put them on my "to stay" list for next time!

The food in New Zealand was out of this world. I love fresh produce, and we have some pretty good stuff in Australia, but New Zealand really takes freshness to the next level.

One of my favourite eateries was Bam Bina in Auckland's trendy Ponsonby. I can't wait to get back there and try the rest of the menu.

Back at my relatives' place, the fresh produce continued with a delicious kiwi Sunday afternoon BBQ… and some cuddles and play time with these cuties. 

It was lovely to walk the streets of Ponsonby where I spent a lot of time in the first few years of my life. I checked out the wonderful restorations of some of Auckland's oldest cottages. I want one as a doing up project! Not that I could fit that in... maybe one day.

- Emma