Hot cocoa, Naudic-style

Winter has well and truly arrived, so stave off the cold with Naudic's cocoa recipe that is hot in more ways than one!

You'll need:

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  • Milk (about a cup per serve)
  • Cocoa powder (heaped teaspoon per serve)
  • Sugar (level teaspoon per serve)
  • Spices -- try a cinnamon stick, a few bruised cardamon pods and a chilli, roughly chopped (remove the seeds to tone down the heat)
  1. Whisk cocoa powder and milk until smooth
  2. Add sugar, and spices to taste
  3. Warm over medium heat until almost boiling
  4. Remove from heat and stand for 10 mins, then discard spices
  5. Pour into mugs and enjoy with family and friends!

How do you keep warm on chilly winter days?