Fitness on the road

Trade show season is still in full swing: last weekend we were at trade shows in three countries simultaneously. We were spread across Fashion Exposed in Sydney, NY Newest in New York and Formex in Sweden. Exciting times!

With travel like this it can be easy to fall out of healthy habits but we can't afford to be anything but on top of our game. That's why we always pack a little fitness travel kit -- so we can stay on the move while we're on the move. 


Healthy snacks

Fresh fruit is a must, as is plenty of water, especially after long, dehydrating flights. A single-serving portion of a high-protein food, like tuna, is great for filling up when healthy options are few and far between. 

Fitness equipment

When stationary bikes, kettlebells and swimming pools aren't options, finding a place for a run almost always is. A compact towel, sporty watch and pair of sneakers are a must to tuck into the suitcase -- and don't forget the headphones and a kicking workout playlist!

Hotel workout

Even when we're truly hotel-bound, all is not lost. This great workout can be done using nothing but a wall, making it ideal for hotel rooms. 

How do you make fitness a priority when you're travelling?