Bring Back Life.

Vibrant, fun and wearable, Naudic creates clothing and lifestyle products that celebrate a life well lived. The Naudic motto is “Bring Back Life”, and its products are designed to allow customers to express themselves and their personal style, and reinvigorate even the smallest details of their lives.

The Naudic label was inspired by creator Emma Puttick’s many years of travel in Europe. The brand’s designs bring the Scandinavian aesthetic to the Australian market in a unique combination of fun, beauty and comfort. Each piece is designed with the end wearer in mind: a woman who wants to include a burst of colour as she dresses for the day ahead. Naudic’s lively prints almost carry an energy of their own, providing a textile escape from the usual routines of life.

Naudic customers love to combine the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel, and Emma and her diverse team keep this in mind each season as they create their collections. Feminine with a bit of edge, the fashion line allows the Naudic woman to express herself in her own unique way. Likewise, the lifestyle line provides a dose of vibrancy for the home.

While Naudic started as a line of plain cotton embroideries, it has now grown into a full range of lifestyle products that is finding a place in many an Australian home. But there is even more to come. Naudic is an ever-evolving brand that will extend its range and introduce new lines in the seasons ahead.